Basic Cleaning:

  • Status Report (Check up on all problems found in aircraft with respect cleanliness)
  • General Cleaning (Collect any discarded rubbish, newspapers, empty glasses and check aircraft furniture)
  • Carpets (Through vacuuming of all carpets
  • Seats (Cleaning of all surfaces and seatbelts)
  • Furniture (General cleaning)

Gold Cleaning:

  • Status Report (In-depth check of the interior of the aircraft, taking careful note of any visible defects, such as stains, scratches, knocks to the furniture, tears in the seat, ceiling, walls, etc. Aditionally check if any placemats, ashtrays etc are missing and finally a check on the general state of cleanliness of the passenger´s cabin.
  • General Cleaning (Collect any discarted rubbish, newspapers, empty glasses and check aircraft furniture)
  • Carpets (All dry cleaning of the carpets using the specialized foam appliance. Removal of all stains, deodorization, disinfection and application of insecticide. Application of anti-stain and fabric softener system. Final brushing of the carpet. Drying time - approx 20 - 25 mins.
  • Seats ( Cleaning of all surfaces, deep cleaning of seat material and removal of any possible stains. Where seats are leather, a special leather cleaner will be applied to regain texture, sheen and color of the seating material. Crossing the seatbelts.
  • Ceiling, Walls and Windows (Vacuuming to remove all dust particles followed thorought cleaning using the specialized foam appliance. Application of stain remover, brushing and conditioning of all materials.
  • Furniture (Thorough cleaning of all furnishings and removal of stains. Application protection and conditioning product.
  • Windows (Thorough cleaning of all windows using our crystal clear product to make all windows anti - static, anti-mist and non reflective.
  • Metal Items And Surfaces (Thorough cleaning of all metal items: handles, place-mats, ashtrays etc using our SC 1000 product to revive the items obtain their original sheen, removing all wax or resins.

Platinum Cleaning:

  • Gold cleaning + Galleys, Ovens and drawers + bathrooms + Potable Water
  • Galleys, ovens and drawers (Interiors of all cupboards, drawers, sinks, galleys and ovens to be thoroughly cleaned with deodorization and disinfectant applied.
  • Bathtooms (Deodorization disinfectant of the full toilet service
  • Drinking Water (Check the water suppy)

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